Share the love. Reduce community spread.

Taking care of employees is a top priority at businesses like yours. Ensuring peace of mind as they return to physical spaces is a priority of ours.

Together, we’ll deliver authorized at-home rapid Covid-19 testing, enhancing employee confidence in the health and safety of their work environment, without the burden of on-site testing.

Introducing the
BELLA Health™ app.

In just a few weeks, we can source, deliver, and walk your teams through self-administered tests — all with access to live technicians via AI-powered messaging.

Tests that matter in the
place you call home.

The complete solution to at-home Covid-19 testing.

Guided in-app instruction supports users during testing.

Video-based instructions add a personal touch to the experience.

Message-based real-time answers to users’ questions.

Conversation-based instructions guide users through each step.

A complete solution.


Approved rapid Covid-19 tests

BELLA Health™ app

Full program management

Management of the test logistics, conversational design, automation, and expertise in humanizing the digital experience.

Configurable reporting to users’
workplace, school or public
health authority.

The BELLA Health™ app is used with an approved
Covid-19 DIY test to provide education, user
guardrails and one-click reporting infrastructure